Yay! We have now partnered with Progressive Leasing to help you purchase / lease your new iPhone , iPad , Macbook and More!

That’s right folks, we’ve partnered with Progressive Leasing, one of the largest lease to own companies in the United States. Progressive leasing has tens of thousands of satisfied customers that have leased or purchased numerous items through them. Progressive leasing allows you to lease to own items even if you have bad or no credit, meaning progressive leasing uses a proprietary algorithm to determine approvals for customers without having to do any hard pulls to a customers credit score.


How does Progressive leasing work?

The process is quite simple. You fill out a quick five minute application to get an instant result on your approval. Once you’re approved you select the item you want and pay an initial payment. Progressive leasings, lease-to-own plan is structured in a way that if you pay off the item within their 90 day plan it is similar to the cash price. You can also take longer depending on the plan but this usually is associated with higher lease costs. That is why most customers opt for the 90 days similar to cash pay off period, once it is paid off the customer owns the item. The 90 day payoff price (aka early purchase option) is calculated using the cash price plus lease to own costs for the item as outlined by Progressive Leasing.


What items or products can we lease-to-own with Progressive Leasing?

With us, using progressive leasing you can lease to own MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and much more.


Does Progressive Leasing go towards or help build your credit?


Currently progressive leasing does not report to any of the major credit bureaus. More information can befound at progleasing.com


Can I pay off my lease with Progressive Leasing early?

Yes absolutely. The usual lease term goes up to one year but progressive leasing office early purchase options in which you can pay off the lease early and save in total leasing costs.


If Progressive leasing doesn’t not do any hard pulls to your credit then how do you get approved?


Progressive leasing uses a number of different factors to determine the approval of each customer. The approval is not solely based on credit score. Other factors include but are not limited to banking history, income, previous lease history among other things.


Disclaimer: Progressive Leasing programs are subject to their terms and conditions and customer bears full responsibility of accurately providing their information and completing lease payments to Progressive Leasing until both Progressive Leasing the the customer fullfil the terms to end the agreement. Learn more at https://progleasing.com/frequently-asked-questions/

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