The iPhone 14 Pro Max vs the iPhone 13 Pro Max - is it worth the upgrade? A quick and simple comparison!

 The iPhone 14 PRO MAX is here!

Are you on the fence on wanting to upgrade to the new iPhone 14 Pro Max 

Here is a quick Side By Side Comparison on the basic Specs:

Screen Size:

The iPhone 14 Pro max and iPhone 13 Pro max have the SAME screen size, 6.7 inches. However what is different this time is something Apple calls the dynamic island. In lay-mans terms this is simply a small , interactive feature at the top of the screen where the ear-piece is. 

Battery Life:

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a slightly smaller battery than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, yes you read that right it has a smaller battery! But the difference is barely noticeable, 4323 mAh vs last years 4352 mAh. Although it was not be noticable on a day to day basis we thought it was worth mentioning.


HUGE HUGE HUGE difference on the Camera, iPhone 14 Pro Max has a camera that has 48Megapixels vs the 12Megapixels on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, thats a 4 times better Camera! So if you're someone that loves to take pictures it is definitely worth considering. The camera also has true-depth autofocus and superb image stabilization. Meaning you wont notice the camera shake when you are walking while making a video!


The chipset on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the A16 bionic chip, this chip allows the iPhone 14 Pro Max to perform slightly faster and be more energy efficient. It has the same 6GB of RAM as its predecessor. All in all it will be similar in speed to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, no major noticeable difference


To sum it all up the iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth the upgrade for any one who is looking for a better camera and wanting to rock its all-new Deep Purple Color! Even though many features and similar to the iPhone 13 Pro Max it is worth the upgrade!

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