About us

We are the solution.

With live chat, and American tech-veterans ready to assist on new, open box, refurbished and like-new cell phones and new accessories, we ensure our customers leave 100% satisfied without ever having to break the bank.

Honesty & Customer Service is the core of our business, and that's why we have live chat available 24/7/365.

We can take you step by step, factoring in your network provider, budget and sense of style to help you find the perfect phone, leaving you feeling like the luckiest person ever.

Our phones are either overstock, shelfpulls, new or refurbished and are always supplied by reputable retailer carriers like At&t and Verizon so you never have to worry about the ESN / IMEI. Guaranteed.

The Cell Phone Shoppes' ideology is perfectly summed up by Warren Buffets quote “Don't just satisfy your customer, delight them."