The New Macbook with M1 Pro Chip, Newly Redesigned with a new hefty price tag! Will you buy the new Macbook?

The new MacBooks are here! New design and a hefty new price tag included.

This week Apple announced its Macbook Pro, with its newly invented M1 Pro And M1 Max chips, which feature a faster and more efficient use than the previous M1 chip.


What was also shown was that the New Macbooks were fully redesigned. Apple removed the Touchbar , which is a way in the opposite direction, unusual of Apple. They brought back magsafe charging and also introduced fast charging , a feature that is new to Macbook.

The Macbook Pro now comes in 14 inch and 16 inch sizes.

And the price was also a big jump. Previous the base model M1 chip was selling for $1299. The new 14 inch base model starts at $1999, a whopping $700 increase. Goes without saying that If you’re looking to get the new Macbook you better be on Santa’s nice list. As Apple gears up for holiday season sales, will the price increase cause consumers to look towards other options? Or will the M1 Pro chip justify the price tag? I guess time will tell!!

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