Wondering where to sell your old iPhone and other electronics? Why eBay is not the best idea (And where to sell instead) - 2023 Guide

So you've decided to sell your old iPhone, iPad, Macbook or other electronics for cash, and you've been wondering if selling them on eBay is the best choice? Here are some reasons why selling on eBay is usually one of the worst ways to sell your electronics:

#1) It is not immediate: In order to sell your iPhone etc on eBay, you will first have to take pictures, write a description, upload the pictures. Next you will have research the correct price according to the model, condition, battery health and other details. Next before having the listing go live you must decide if you'd like to promote the item for an extra fee (more details on fees below). Once you have decided all the above details you can decide if you'd like to sell it as an auction or a buy it now (eBay's term for "fixed price") listing. After taking all these steps and having your listing go live on the site it may take days, weeks and sometimes months to get your items sold.


#2) Shipping cost and Selling Fees: When you sell on eBay you do not get to keep all the proceeds. eBay takes up to 20% of the selling price in fees and shipping! On top of that you will have to pay for insurance and pay extra for signature confirmation as it is required on high value items, like electronics. This does not include price of materials needed to ship. So although the price you are getting on eBay may initially seem attractive, it usually nets to a lower amount in your pocket at the end of the day.


3) Risk of returns: Let's say you've now completed the sale and shipped the item. You should now be free and clear and fully entitled to your funds correct? That is not so with eBay. eBay allows the buyer 30 days to start a return and send the item back for a full refund. In many cases you will have to pay the return shipping fee out of your pocket! If you do not they will force the refund out of your credit card or linked bank account.

4) Fraud: In some cases, buyers will purchase your item and send back something else in return. Cases like these have been on the rise recently especially with high value items such as iPhones and electronics in general.


#5) eBay will hold your payment in some cases: In most cases when you are a new seller on eBay they will hold your funds for days or weeks just to make sure that you are a reliable seller. Not the ideal scenario when you're just trying to sell your old electronics for cash.

Bottom line is that it is very time consuming, costly and filled with hassle when you want to sell your items on eBay. So what the alternative?

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