iOS 14.5 ? A new step towards data collection transparency?

Apple just announced that they released the lastest software update for iPhone. iOS 14.5. Including new voices for siri, the ability to unlock iphone using your Apple Watch while having your mask on, and All new Airtag support , what seperates iOS 14.5 is its pricvacy features. Giving the users , us, more control over how apps can see and transmit our personal data and online behavior. Facebook has been a very loud and critical opponent of iOS 14.5 in the months leading upto its launch. As limited data would mean limited insight for advertisers on Facebook, which would make targeting consumers even more difficult and costly, hence impacting Facebook’s entire business model. What do you think? Is this step towards privacy a step in the right direction from Apple? Are you looking forward to updating your software to iOS 14.5?
Update: Due to a bug in iOS 14.5 Apple immediately released 14.5.1 as a patched version of the infamous update. Do you think software updates slow down your phone? Or is your phone just getting old and you’re ready to upgrade? Trade in your phone for cash today and finance or purchase outright a new phone. Sell your iphone or Samsung devices to us for cash same day. Wanting to sell your phone from out of state? Chat with our live agents for a quote in less than 2 minutes. And we provide prepaid shipping labels and same day payment options. We beat all electronic vending machine prices and beat our online competitors as well. 

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