Shop Now Pay Later with Acima and Katapult, is it a good fit for you?

Let me get straight to the point, if you want the easy to pay over time instead of the burden of paying all upfront then this is a good option. Here’s the breakdown:

It doesn’t affect your credit score.

Instead of putting the purchase on your credit card and affecting your credit limit utilization rate - the shop now pay later plans give you 3 months to pay without any interest vs the 30 days you would receive on a credit card. So basically it gives you breathing room. You can pick your payment amount and date to align with when you get paid and can choose auto pay so that you always pay on time.

They let you fill out a 5 minute online application and instanty show you how much you are approved for. No need to wait for hours or days for them to process, its all instantaneous.

When you are purchasing a high ticket item like an iPhone or other electronics it can be easier to break down the payments , and thats why so many of our customers choose to use our payment plan partners.

Lastly, if you no longer want to keep the item you can return it directly to the payment plan company as quickly as you want. You can find more details on our payment plan page. The lease to own structure is provided by Acima and Katapult and is subject to their terms and conditions which are subject to change they can be contacted for details.


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