This is why we think we are the best option if you are looking to get CASH for your old phones and electronics. (You be the judge)

Cash allows you the freedom to choose what you want to do. And that is our goal at the Cell Phone Shoppe, to give you cold hard cash for your old iphones, samsung galaxy phones, ipads, apple watches and more; so YOU can choose how you want to spend YOUR money.

And that is what sets us apart.

Here's what I mean:

We went to some of our known competitors sites to see if they offer cash for pre-owned electronics. 

NOT ONLY DO THEY NOT OFFER CASH, but they offer LOWER trade in values then we would pay you.

This was common around all the major retailers, like bestbuy and gamestop for example, both wanted to give you a gift card to use in their own stores. 

Problem is, you can't use their gift card to save up for that vacation you were wanting to go on, nor can you use it to pay the rent. You get the point right? If they truly valued their customers like we do they would have given you the option to get cash and walk away happy, instead of forcing you to use that credit to make a purchase that just helps them make more money!

So you be the judge!

Till next week,


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