How do we determine the trade-in value of your device? Is it magic? Is it pulled from thin air? Lets find out!

We were recently asked how we determine trade-in value for people looking to sell their old phones and electronics for cash. We thought it was a good question and thought we’d share our process for determining how we are able to give you the highest trade-in value for your phones and electronics.



  1. Cosmetic Condition: The better the condition the more its worth. Sell us your new and used iphones, samsungs and more because we buy both new and used phones; but the new ones are worth far more than the used ones for obvious reasons. :)
  2. Working Condition: This is important, although we do occasionally buy phones with minor defects like cracked screen , we normally require all phones to be fully functional.
  3. Model: This also speaks for itself. The newer the model, the more it is worth.
  4. Capacity / Memory: The more memory your phone has the higher value we can give you for it.
  5. Carrier: This is important, unlocked phones usually have the highest trade in value, but if your phone is locked to specific carrier we will still buy it.
  6. Financial Status: Phones that are paid off in full are usually what we prefer ;again we do NOT buy lost or stolen devices.
  7. Accessories: Add-ons and accessories such as the charger and box help add value on top of your phone.

Alrighty, those are some of the major factors we use to determine trade in value of your phones and electronics. If you would like to get a quote feel free to call us at

972-878-4797 anytime. You can also text us at this number :)

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