The iPhone 12 is here : Sell your iPhone for Cash today and get the iPhone 12 !

The iPhone 12 is here, this year Apple launch the iPhone 12 and although it does share a lot of similarities with the iPhone 11 its predecessor, it still has some new features including the first time ever having 5G in an iPhone. Some other changes were the change in shape being the design and also introducing some different colors including blue.

This year Apple also did some thing that was unforeseen, it introduced an iPhone 12 mini which is the same as an iPhone 12 but more compact in size with a 5.4 inch edge to edge display, it’s perfect with someone who likes to use small phones.

Another thing to add is that this year Apple decided to remove the headphones and the adapters from its iPhone boxes, in other words only the cable will be included for free.

Do you think purchasing an iPhone 12 is worth it? Do you think 5G will have that much of an impact on our day-to-day lives? I guess time will tell.

Untill then remember, we’re paying cash for phones, cash in hand same day., we buy iPhones we buy Samsung as we buy iPads we buy Apple watches.

Let’s put some extra cash into your pocket right now, because who couldn’t use some extra cash?

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