Sale on iPhone Screen Repairs in Carrollton this week !

If you are in the Dallas, Plano , Addison , Carrollton , Frisco , Garland , Mesquite , Fort Worth and surrounding area's we will fix your iPhone 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 Screen / LCD / Glass same day , usually in just an hoursĀ time!

We are also fix the plus models like iPhone 6 Plus , Iphone 6s Plus , iPhone 7 plus , iPhone 8 plus. We are located in Carrollton , Next to CiCi's Pizza. Call 972-878-4797 for details.

Selling your phone for fast cash! + UPGRADING to a new device

Selling your phone for fast cash! + UPGRADING to a new device

This week we're going to touch on how to get the most cash / trade in value for your old phone.

So you're at the point where you're tired of your phone, it's starting to lag , its damaged or maybe all of your friends just got the latest iPhone / Samsung / LG / Google devices and you want to too. Well, after you decide on what phone you're going to upgrade to the question remains; what are you going to do with your old phone?

Let's explore the options:

An In-Depth Look to The Roots of Our Brand.

Growing up in the 2000's I was able to witness the rise of the tech era. And like many others I always wanted to experience and own the latest tech, I was absolutely in love with tech. But I was never a believer in the process of signing a contract with a carrier to get a new phone. I calculated early on that I would end up paying more with a contract - and buying a phone brand new by paying cash in full would simply break the bank. I just couldn't afford it.

So I set out to find...